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With an increase in demand for tensile structures all around India, Tensile Fabric has expanded their reach in Ghaziabad. With increased stability and reduced construction costs, tensile structures have become the best option for the construction of Auditorium Tensile Structure, car sheds, roof coverings, aircraft hangers and many other structural purposes.

Tensile Fabric announced that Ghaziabad can now avail all their top design and structural features, and they will see to it that every one of your requests gets done in the specified time window. Tensile Fabric provides you with a whole range of structural designs and templates you can choose from and their elite team of experts will oversee the works, keep all the safety standards in a given time frame. Their engineers and workforce are pioneers in the building of Tensile Structures.Their years of experience in the field have made them ready to face any kind of challenges thrown their way.

In Ghaziabad, where there’s an increasing demand for parking arrangements, Tensile Fabric’s Car Parking Tensile Structure and Walkway Covering Structure makes sure that there is enough room to accommodate both four wheelers and two wheelers comfortably, providing a well-structured walking space. Their knowledge and expertise in the field have made it possible for them to experiment with different compounds and fabrics to provide their clients with what best suits the client’s needs. They only use high fabrics for their works. This makes sure that their projects will stand the test of time proudly.

The high-quality materials they use also ensure perfect structural integrity. Their designs are made to go under rigorous simulations to ensure that they will perform under any kind of stress. They tackle adverse conditions with ease. Nowadays there is an increasing emphasis on walking areas in public places. Their Walkway Covering Structure will ensure practical yet aesthetically stunning Tensile Structure. Their Walkway Covering Structure and Auditorium Tensile Structure are made with superior quality material that can withstand even the harshest summer and the coldest winter without a spot of rust.

With this short span of time Tensile Fabric has grabbed the attention of customers from all around. They have made this possible by staying true to their core values and ethics. They have always put their customers first. Tensile Fabric always maintains a high level of transparency with their customers. This made more and more customers to trust them with their structural needs and their always on-time service makes them the prime choice available anywhere in India for any kind of tensile structure works.

The response they got from their Ghaziabad customers is overwhelming. For the immense response they got from Ghaziabad, Tensile Fabric has enabled almost all of their services for Ghaziabad. In future, they are looking forward to bring all of their services for their Ghaziabad customer. Their hard work and dedication towards each customer made it possible for Tensile Fabric to be the prominent manufacturer for Tensile Structures in Ghaziabad. They are always adamant in keeping their promises to their customers and try their best to perform beyond the customer expectations.

At Tensile Fabric, they are always pushing us to get better and better. Their industry leading Tensile Structure construction procedures are the result of them trying to outperform themselves. With an outstanding record in the Tensile Structure in Ghaziabad construction field, Tensile Fabric is certain that they can undertake any work you entrusts them with responsibility.

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  • Tensile Structures
  • Tensile Membrane Structure
  • Car Parking Sheds
  • Tensile car parking
  • Roof Tensile Structures
  • Cricket Pitch Tarpaulin
  • PVC Coated Tarpaulin
  • Garden Tensile Structures
  • Auditorium Tensile Structure
  • Walkway Covering Structure
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • Garden Gazebo
  • Entrance Tensile Structures
  • Tensile Fabric structure
  • Awnings Canopies
  • Outdoor Shades
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Advertising Canopies
  • Polycarbonate Structure
  • Swimming Pool Tensile Structure
  • Gazebo Tensile Structure
  • Cantilevers Tensile Structures

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As a professional in designing and fabrication tensile structures, BKF Group is works in close synchronization with the clients and performs their requirements in the exact combination of architectural design and structure. Having more than 20 years of experience of design and structure of all types of Tensile Structure, our team is well-equipped to provide wide-ranging services from idea design, load analysis, detail design, contract document preparation to project management, contract supervision and control. Paying utmost attention to each aspect, we ensure that our customers get the best professional services at the most competitive prices.

We have our own M & A Steel fabrication and membrane heat-sealing plant. In addition, our company has also incorporated spray painting facility for mild steel framework. Rather than working as a booking agent for companies overseas, we are working with consultants to design and develop membrane structures in India. Developing the structures in India saves a lot of foreign exchange for besides saving a lot of time. Special Features of tensile structures

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Tensile Structure

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