Metal frame supported tensile structure / roof / with PVC membrane

Concrete lego bock mounted fabric shelters are an exceptionally flexible construction system. Concrete lego blocks form the base of the fabric structure. This may be placed on a concrete slab or even compacted type-1 hard core. These interlocking blocks have been around for over a decade and make ideal push walls or retaining walls on which Toro Shelters can be mounted. The interlocking concrete blocks are easy to place, do not require mortar and are therefore suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. The robust nature of the galvanised steel frames and the laminated PVC cover are backed up with the CE mark. This means you have the comfort of knowing your structure should last for a generation or more.

Constructing inter-locking block walls
These concrete interlocking blocks form a total solution for building many kinds of structure. Such as storage bays, retaining walls, salt storage, bulk stores, silage pits,concrete firewalls and industrial buildings. Concrete block mounted fabric shelters are cost-effective, combine a industry recognised high-quality with proven reliability. They are also fire-resistant.


metal frame supported



Membrane material:

with PVC membrane

Cable-and-membrane tensile structure / roof / with polyester membrane / for bars

TENSILE STRUCTURE: It has a load bearing galvanized steel frame, epoxy powder coated in the available colours on request. The roof is made of fire retardant PVC polyester coated fabric subjected to PVDF protection treatment.It is available in the standard model with a central pole and 4 peri metrical trestles. It can be customized on request.

It is mainly employed for outside commercial premises, resorts, coffee bars, restaurants, rental , trade fairs and festivals. etc.





Membrane material:

with polyester membrane


for bars, for exhibitions, for professional use, for special events

Tensile Architecture For Long Lasting Results Of Warranty

A Tensile Architecture consists of construction of elements with tension and no compression or bending. Tensile Architecture deal with tensile structure as well as of tensile architecture fabric. These tensile architecture provide solutions of designing, manufacturing, installation, and services related to all sorts of tensile architecture fabric and many more.

The tensile architecture proffer structures fabricated with best quality of raw materials and hi-technology following the current trend in this sector. Tensile is used widely and quite highly in demand because of its durability and easy and less maintenance. They are commonly used in recreational processes and industrial areas. Look wise, it is elegant and appealing with two most important features of durability and style. Tensile architecture cater fabricated piece with the best optimum quality material combined with modern technology. Generally, they are available in many classy color options along with various color patterns and appeal to client instantly. These structures are mostly used in stadiums, shaded roofs of hotels and airports plus for commercial purposes.

Tensile structure offered by tensile architecture consists of many benefits. These structures are fabricated in both permanent and temporary canopy structures and used as per the requirements like for commercial or public assembly, temporary event structure, modular industrial construction and landscape artwork. This unique fabric canopy demands for light and airy look and minimizes the amount of framing and it utilizes the strength of the fabric in order to support stability and equilibrium of the structure.

tensile architecture on utilizing the technical fabric roof membrane which is a combined form of catenary cables, clamping systems, and a small amount of framing, in order to create lightweight structures, capable of compassing great distances.

Tensile Structures Very Strong For Your Building

The structure of the tensile has variety of fabric, which is utilized for manufacture of building. This is built the region incredibly, brilliantly and gives the exclusive come into view. This type of such structure is designed by the fabric construction architectures and provides you to the progress level. These varieties of the structures are accessible on the different type of dimensions, various colors, and a variety of sizes, with the exclusive shapes and in accordance to the used of textile. These are employing to make the tents on very little time and as well very solid. These tents are grip out on any weather conditions because it is strongly join with the rope accordingly not concerned through rain. This style of fabric structures are extremely light influence and very flexible to move on the different type of places.

The tensile structure manufacturer in India can be used in the business spaces, home spaces, applied on hotels, applied on resorts, applied on schools and applied on the Lecture Theater. In the Modern development, tensile configurations are becoming extra all the rage for the reason that of their material, less time construction and simple to establish. These structures power is very light which is distinguished via a tensioning of material with the cable or wire that is give the vital maintain to the construction.

These varieties of the configurations are easily reached on the source of roofed, like PVC coated, P.T.F.E. material and silicon that are not related in foundation of their utilities and advantages from all others. The PVC is strong and with the affordable cost that. The silicon-coated form of constitutions is advanced influence structures and more comfortable from the construction style of PVC coated. These kinds of such structures are well built and with tiny security price. There is also the P.T.F.E. styles of structure qualities are same as the silicon coated structure. These differences on both variety of structures are that it is extra simply broken down than from it. Most of People are identified and responsive with reference to tensile structures confrontation excellence and they are utilizing excessively.

Get A Good Tensile Manufacturer?

Tensile structures are basically erected via metallic beams to make further formations of your selection. They are pulling in popularity in India as they are stretchable and solid by nature they are able to resist any sort of conditions. They can be used in following formations like- balconies, swimming pools, windows, auditoriums, gardens, suspension bridges, theaters, domes etc.

There are many tensile constructions in the market which is exceptionally unique and is progressive towards society. Equally they are hard and durable; they are being accepted by construction society. An archetypal structural exterior material has a tensile force of 10 tons per meter and will move surreptitiously no more than a modest number of percent subsequent to 20 years of great spots.
While choosing a good tensile manufacturer always remember that you are placing a huge sum of money in such constructions, thus you should manage a proper research and should choose best among them. The one who has the skill, experience and is providing you with after sales services in affordable prices is the right one to go with because once you pay the amount and start with the job then you cannot take your steps back and you will not have any option left rather than regret.

It’s more beneficial to survey online as you will induce a clear picture and synopsis about the maker. With this little research you can get the best manufacturer who provides you with the best quality fabric, frames and even after sales services. It’s generally seen that people to save little amount of money get in deal with cheap manufacturers and they provide you with cheap solutions and low quality materials.

Some manufacturers are intuition manufacturing of fabric, if you come in touch with them, then they provide you with fabrics and throws you the process details of maintenance, modification etc.

Always ensure that provider is authentic and bears a sound goodwill in the market. For this visit their sites and search on internet that what have they made and what services they are providing to the customers. Therefore, when it’s about money so, a worth decision should be made as precaution is better than cure.