Materials of Tensile Structure

We have provides several options for tensile structure materials including PTFE – ETFE and PVC fabrics to meet various project specifications.

ETFE Foil/Film
Construction material for architects and builders due to its excellent combination of physical qualities and capabilities. ETFE has been used for imaginative tensile structures such as canopies, covered walkways, roofing membranes, and tensile membrane structures ect…

PTFE is a Teflon®-coated woven fiberglass membrane that is extremely durable and tolerant of even the most extreme weather elements. PTFE is chemically inert, weatherable, excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, a low coefficient of friction and non-adhesive properties.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is available, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing systems and can be produced in a multitude of colors and as a woven or non-woven material. PVC membrane is commonly coated with a protective acrylic or PVDF top coat.

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