What Are the Different Types Of Tensile Structure And How Do They Work

Tensile structure is the term usually used to refer to the construction of roofs using a membrane held in place on steel cables. Their main characteristics are the way in which they work under stress tensile, their ease of prefabrication, their ability to cover large spans, and their malleability. This structural system calls for a small amount of material thanks to the use of thin canvases, which when stretched using steel cables, create surfaces capable of overcoming the forces imposed upon them

The instability caused in previous models by the application of interlaced cables and very light covers, resulting in structural deficiencies, was solved during the middle of the last century. This was done thanks to a system of steel cables and fiber membranes with a high degree of strength, together with layers of waterproof coatings, giving protection against ultraviolet rays, fungus, fire, and allowing greater or less translucency and reflectivity.
This page is dedicated for the architects, who can use it to get information about the tensile structures, the type of membrane (or fabric as its commonly known) that can be used and the best way to go for them. One can access information related to various design processes, new innovation on design methodologies, common design practices and the range of shapes and forms that one can opt for. You will also be able to get information related to fabrication of tensile membranes, ways and means to achieve sustainable designs as well as the different ways in which you can adorn the tensile structures with lighting.

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